At Alica, we understand no two Customer are the same. Their products, their supply chains and their markets all differ. This is why Alica offers a tailor-made Electronics Manufacturing Service to customers with a complex, highly-diversified business. We help our client to stay focus on Innovation and Development while we handle the rest of the operations to bring the Innovative Solution to market faster, with a commitment towards Quality in everything we do. Based in Changodar, Ahmedabad, we provide Global Standard Electronics Manufacturing services.



We are flexible in volume, assembly, and processes.

SMT Assembly

Bridges the gap between prototypes and production.

Design & Engineering

We offer end-to-end Design and Engineering services.

Box Build

Needful to enhance products and to reduce the cost.

Design & Engineering

We offer end-to-end Design and Engineering services.

Supply Chain Management

The core driving parameters which define the success.


Alica specializes in collaboration: whether you’re an iconic brand or a visionary startup, we’ll partner with your product team to deliver top-notch electronics manufacturing services (EMS),co-developing optimal electronics design, engineering, and production solutions.

At Alica, our emphasis is on delighting our customers. This is perhaps easier to achieve in the service industry, where the customer touch points are a lot more personal, but even in a manufacturing setup like ours we firmly place the customer at the center of our operations. From understanding your requirements, to incorporating suggestions, to constantly communicating with our valued clients, the customer is always the focal point of Alica's business ventures.

Modern EMS capabilities.

We provide a proactive partnership experience for OEMs, offering modern EMS capabilities. We specialize in high-mix, flexible-volume precision manufacturing

We assemble relationships.

At Alica we do not believe in building products only, we believe in building trust, faith and creating a bond between our business partners and us.

Remaining at the cutting edge of technology.

Our agenda at Alica is not to play catch up but to set the benchmark in new technologies, which are cost effective, efficient and also environment friendly.